Workshop on Effective Teaching and Learning Methodologies

A Three Day Workshop on Effective Teaching and Learning Methodologies conducted for a Matriculation Higher Secondary School for Girls in November 2017.

A few feedback statements from a few teachers:

Class was very wonderful.

Three days workshop class is really excellent

We learned a lot of ideas from you.

I enjoyed this training.

It's my pleasure to be a part of this workshop on Effective Teaching and Learning Methodologies.

Very interesting experience.

I am well informed about all the essential qualities that I should acquire for Effective Teaching and
Learning Methodologies

Your passion for driving home all the required messages to us is awesome

Your concern for towards the society, parenting, education, children psychology, etc., is

It shows that you have a thorough knowledge about your subject.

This workshop greatly expanded my understanding of mindfulness and gave me a great understanding of how it can be used and taught to develop self-awareness.

A very creative in teaching students how to access their thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

Excellently delivered good points with well timed breaks. Very informative session.

The programme was very useful and learned more than what had expected. Worth enrolling!

Good tips about student handling. Provide specific, detailed examples. Knowledgeable person about all areas of HR (MA)